Screaming Butterflies Productions

Producing Theater in Tacoma

Screaming Butterflies Productions

Welcome to Screaming Butterflies Productions.

We are interested in producing and collaborating on vibrant, dynamic theater that engages the concerns and lived experience of the many communities in our city of Tacoma.  We get excited by pieces that use dance and movement, poetry, music, and evocative imagery to tell a story.  However, we’re open to beautiful naturalism as well.

We particularly love to take old stories and bring them into today, either by changing the context, drawing connections to current struggles or questions, and/or using music and visual cues to remind us that an old story carries humor and wisdom that we can still recognize.  However, new pieces can carry timelessness with them as well.

We also believe that the people on stage and the designers behind the scenes must reflect the richness of our diverse community, welcoming many genders, cultures, ethnicities, language speakers, and bodies if the art is to be relevant and dynamic.