Screaming Butterflies Productions

Imaginative, Tenacious, Unapologetic Creativity

Screaming Butterflies Productions

Welcome to Screaming Butterflies Productions.


Our mission is to Re-vision myth, community and justice, through imaginative, tenactious, unapologetic creativity.

We are interested in dynamic reinterpretations and visions and revisions of old stories, bringing them forward to today and how they reflect on and inspire our communities.  We are interested in stories the bring light to issues of social justice, and can inspire a vision for what justice might look like.

We are also interested in highlighting stories that reflect the richness of our diverse community, welcoming many genders, cultures, ethnicities, language speakers, and bodies if the art is to be relevant and dynamic.  We seek to bring representation onstage and behind it, with writers, directors, designers, and actors who can fully reflect Tacoma, the Pacific Northwest, and North America.